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Mealtime adventures are better with Bibado! Let our award-winning products make a difference to your weaning journey.

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Chew Teething Bundle

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Our Chew Teething Bundle is made to soothe, aid and develop curious little mouths, whilst easing the transition between teething and weaning to set them up for stress-free feeding success.

2 x Dotty The Dinosaur™️ Teethers
3 x Premium Double Dribble Bibs
1 x Dippit™ two-pack (2pc)
1 x Sippit™ Open Training Cups two-pack (2 pcs)

About Bibado

Bibado is a British brand on a mission to make a positive difference for children and parents in the feeding and messy play space.

Childhood and parenthood are some of the most amazing adventures in our lives and Bibado wants to help you enjoy every second. We want to encourage a love of curiosity within both children and parents.

We're delighted that Bibado and its products have won many awards on its journey and in 2023, our flagship Long Sleeve Coverall was award the prestigious King's Award for Enterprise in innovation, and is now used by 1 in 6 families in the UK.

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A complete teething & weaning approach

Dotty is a multi-sensory mouth gym for babies - designed to provide a complete mouth-muscle workout for weaning babies. She helps little ones to practise the actions required to chew, bite, move food around, and swallow and suck safely.

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More bibs, less dribble

Parents love our super-absorbent Double Dribble Bibs and always comment on how gentle and soft they are. You can rest assured they’ll stay dry and comfortable while you enjoy convenience, value for money, and, more importantly, a happy baby!