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Mealtime adventures are better with Bibado! Let our award-winning products make a difference to your weaning journey.

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About Us

Welcome to Bibado!

We are a British brand on a mission to make a positive difference for children and parents in the feeding and messy play space.

Childhood and parenthood are some of the most amazing adventures in our lives and Bibado wants to help you enjoy every second. We want to encourage a love of curiosity within both children and parents. We do this through designing products to provide practical solutions, which also empower, educate and help you have fun. Adventuring around mealtimes and exploration through play is our number 1.

Our Story

Bibado was founded by real parents searching for a solution for messy mealtimes. When we started weaning, we tried countless bib styles and brands, but nothing came close when it concerned keeping our kids covered and our weaning woes under control. The stained clothes and ruined outfits were a real headache. We knew we couldn’t be the only family struggling to keep our little ones clean and dry during mealtime adventures. We were also convinced there had to be a better way to save time on the mammoth post-meal clean-up. So, we created the bib we knew parents needed, and it’s now the number one choice for weaning families.

We’ve witnessed something incredible during our journey. Our initial invention set out to save time and manage the mess, but we quickly discovered benefits that also deliver big on early years childhood development. Experts agree that making a mess during weaning is critical to growth. Exploring texture and playing with food is as important as its nutritional value. It’s how children develop their taste and become adventurous eaters and how they develop the crucial motor skills they need for coordination. Our award-winning bib has now been joined by a complete collection of mealtime solutions designed to support you and your little one in your weaning adventures.

From our family to yours. We’re so glad you’re here.

Award-winning products

Bibado giving back

We’re delighted that Bibado makes a positive difference to families’ mealtimes and lives. But we’re also driven by a desire to make a difference to the lives of families all over the world who are less fortunate.
That’s why we passionately raise money and support charities from the UK and overseas. Thanks to you and your Bibado purchases, together we’ve already donated a whopping £60k to family related causes!
Working closely with charities including Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital, Gingerbread and Baby Bank Network, this money has positively impacted the lives of those who need it the most. Supporting families and communities is a key pillar of our future, and we look forward to sharing with you many more initiatives which are close to our hearts.

Team Bibado

Family is at the core of Bibado. We support families with our portfolio of products, but also see our Bibado team as family who we look after through a company structure set up to give employees flexibility.

Bibado aim to provide a stimulating, exciting and rewarding employment experience for all its team. A focus on flexibility allowing them to work around their families is key, allowing everyone to benefit fully from a balance of family life and work. And a happy employee ultimately makes a for a happy family.

Dan Laxton

Managing Director

Tom Laxton

Global Operations Director

Kelly Davies

Head of Finance

Claire Green

Head of Brand, Content & Partnerships

Cath Ridout

Customer Experience Manager

Kate Simcoe

Creative Design Manager

Kirk McVeigh

Sales Manager

Adam Williams

Technical Operations Manager

Zoë Bailey-Wood

Multimedia Content Manager

Liam James

Logistics Manager

Ellie Burton

E-Commerce Manager

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