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Mealtime adventures are better with Bibado! Let our award-winning products make a difference to your weaning journey.

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Baby Weaning Cutlery

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Baby Weaning Cutlery Spoons & Dippers

Our Dippit™ and Handi Weaning Cutlery sets are perfect for making mealtime adventures stress-free and more enjoyable for everyone. The weaning fork and spoon have fantastic features to help your little one explore food and learn to use cutlery, and both are ergonomically designed for little hands (from 6-24 months). Our newest product, the Bibado Dippit™, is easy for even the youngest babies to hold, allowing early independence in discovering new tastes and aiding the development of their mouth muscles and fine motor control. Our Handy Weaning Cutlery has a unique 'no drop' system as it simply attaches to the Coverall Weaning Bib with matching straps, meaning no more frustration over dropped spoons and forks.

5 Reasons To Love Our Dippit™ Multi-stage Baby Spoon and Dipper

Ergonomically designed for to support their development: Our baby spoon and dipper is designed by experts and parents to give your baby the best start possible to their weaning adventure. The innovative ergonomic shape allows babies to develop their grasp, improve their hand-eye coordination to get the Dippit™ (and the food!) into baby’s mouth, and also strengthen their mouth muscles at this crucial stage.

Weaning Dipper and spoon in one: Dual-ended to let your baby explore flavours with the dipper end, then transition to scooping with the deep contoured spoon when they’re ready. The dipper end is uniquely shaped to support their oral sensory development, and is perfect for yoghurts, porridge and purees, as well as soothing little gums.

The first two-handed baby weaning spoon: The ergonomic and innovative two-handles allow for ease of control even with the youngest of babies – this frustrations from dropping, and means more food reaches their mouth. Ultimately, this establishes successful self-feeding and a more enjoyable mealtime for all. Lovingly designed to give them independence before their wrist control develops.

Perfect for responsive spoon feeding: Whether you're baby-led weaning, traditional weaning or a combination of the two, the unique design of the Dippit™ supports successful feeding. Independent exploration of food is a fantastic opportunity to support sensory development, hand eye-coordination, oral muscle development, and the all-important grasp grip

Supports self-feeding: With a little parent assistance, the Dippit™ can be brought into baby’s focus through the midline, a key foundation of self-feeding success. This means the baby can see their food on the spoon, developing their hand-eye coordination when practicing bringing food to their own mouth.


5 Reasons To Love Our Handi Weaning Cutlery

Weaning Cutlery Ergonomically designed for little hands: Our baby weaning cutlery is carefully designed to fit your little one's hands to encourage the development of their pincer grip. Even when wet, our Handi Weaning Cutlery is still grippy, so less likely to slip out of messy fingers.

Reduce frustration for your baby: Unlike other weaning spoons and forks, our grippy fork is specially shaped to pick up food rather than mash it, and our contoured spoon is the right size to scoop up enough food. Handi Cutlery is designed to boost your little one's confidence and promote their independence in successfully feeding themselves.

Make mealtimes a learning opportunity: Supporting your baby to explore food independently is a great way to encourage their sensory development, hand-eye coordination, oral muscle development, and the all-important pincer grip.

Weaning Cutlery designed to last: Our weaning cutlery is sturdy and durable, so should last your little one through their whole weaning adventure. In line with our 'buy well, buy once' philosophy, if for any reason your weaning cutlery doesn't last, please get in touch with our customer service team and we'd be happy to send a replacement.

Straps to your Bibado Coverall: Handi Cutlery attaches to the Coverall Weaning Bib, so your little one can explore food with a spoon and fork without frustration. They can pick it up and drop it as many times as it takes to get the hang of it! Available in 6 colours to match each Coverall Weaning Bib.

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