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Article: French Cheddar Fingers


French Cheddar Fingers

French Cheddar Fingers

One of our family's favourite ways to eat french toast is this deliciously cheesy alternative! If your family love cheese on toast & french toast then this is a perfect combination of the both. A real hit with everyone. For weaning babies serve in easy to grip finger shape pieces. Ideal for breakfast, lunch & snacking!!

Serves 3
Cooks in 15 mins


3-4 slices of bread

2 eggs

4 tbsp milk

Handful grated Cheddar


1) Whisk the eggs & milk together in a dish.

2) Add a slice of bread & soak in the egg mixture, flipping over to soak both sides.

3) Heat a frying pan & spray with a little oil. Add the soaked piece of bread to the pan.

4) Sprinkle half the Cheddar on the top & then flip the bread.

5) Cook until the underside is browning slightly. Sprinkle the top with remaining Cheddar and flip back to brown completely on the other side.

We love to batch cook!

This yummy recipe can be frozen for up to 3 months.

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