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Article: All About Dippit™: The Transitional Tool For Two-Handed Feeding

All About Dippit™: The Transitional Tool For Two-Handed Feeding

With a bounty of baby cutlery on the market, all boasting different nibs and nobs, finding the right choice for your weaning journey can feel much more overwhelming than it needs to! We’re here to give you all the info on our award-winning Dippit™, and how we designed it to transition curious babies from teething to feeding with ease.


All About Dippit™: The Transitional Tool For Two-Handed Feeding

The Dippit™ helps babies transition from dipper to spoon seamlessly by enabling them to explore flavours with the textured dipper end, and when ready, flip it to use the spoon for scooping.


Two-Handed Grip

Our unique Dippit™ features a two-handed grip design, allowing parents to guide baby in the right direction whilst supporting independent gripping for a smoother transition.

For your little one’s solo feeding adventures, the two-handed grip with centralised feeding points helps to further develop their hand-eye coordination and aid dexterity.

What we've found to be particularly effective, is loading up the spoon-end, and holding the Dippit in front of your baby's mouth. You'll find they instinctively grab for it with both hands and pop it in their mouth. Once they've got the taste for it, there's no stopping them and they'll be well on their way to independent feeding!


Benefits of the Dippit tool against a soft pink background, with the Dippit in shade Blush as the focal point

Soft, Chewable Dipper

The Dippit™’s textured ‘dipper’ end is designed by experts and loved by parents for a reason! The unique shape promotes oral sensory and mouth muscle development, with a soft chewable texture to ease aching gums.

Babies elbow movements develop before their wrist control, which is why they can struggle to guide a spoon to their mouth without all the food dropping off on the journey. This is why dippers are so great - no wrist control is needed as they work in any orientation, so baby gets to enjoy succeeding at self feeding earlier than they would have with a regular spoon!

With the same soft textured tip as our beloved Dotty The Dinosaur Teether, the familiar feel is designed to transition baby into the wonderful world of weaning with ease as they move from one tool to the next.


Anti-Gag Wide Neck

Though gagging is normal and usually nothing to worry about as your baby gets used to new flavours and textures, we always want to prevent a gag from becoming a potentially dangerous choke.

The Dippit™ utilises a wide neck at the base of each end to prevent gagging as much as possible, whilst each feeding end remains small enough to sit in little mouths comfortably.

The three Bibado Dippits in shades Fawn, Blush and Mist on a white tabletop, laden with creamy white yoghurt and and strawberry slices.

Deep Contoured Spoon

As dipping feels like a more natural action than the slightly more complicated scoop, we designed the spoon end of the Dippit™ with an easy-to-use deep contoured design to make picking up food easier whilst minimising frustrations.

The lightly de-bossed Bibado ‘B’ indented into the spoon adds further grip to the spoon’s surface, whilst adding a secondary texture to assist in your little one’s sensory experience.


Sensory Touch Points

Complete with textured ergonomic handles, the Dippit’s sensory touch points aim to support your little one’s sensory development whilst assisting with easier gripping, less slipping!

The textured indents, whilst adding a fun element of touch exploration to mealtimes, also provide a soothing chomp to aching gums as we make the transition from teething ring to weaning tools.

Transition With Ease

So, we’ve gone through the transition from teether to Dippit™, but what about the next steps?

Our Dippit™ makes their journey as seamless as ever by familiarising your little one with the textures and actions needed for dual-handed feeding. You’ll see the same spoon design in both, making the transition even smoother.

Baby seating at high chair wearing the Bibado Long-Sleeve Coverall in the Superstars print, with a Mist Dippit in mouth.

Now hopefully you're all ready to start dipping, scooping and chewing your way to weaning success! Check out our 2-in-1 Multistage Dippit™, available in our handy-dandy two-pack.

Or perhaps they’re ready for the next step in their weaning journey? Check out our Handi Cutlery here.

We’d love to see you mastering messy mealtime fun with your little one and Dippit™. Make sure you share your progress by tagging us @bibado

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