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Article: Tips for Cooking with Your Children

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Tips for Cooking with Your Children

Adam shares his top tips on making cooking with your children at home, enjoying as well as safe.

Tips for Cooking with Your Children

Cooking with children can not only hold long lasting memories for them, but can also be a great way for them to discover a wide range of foods along with learning some fantastic life skills. Adam shares his top tips on making cooking with your children at home, enjoying as well as safe. 

I spend a lot of time at home cooking, as you’d expect. Before kids, cooking was a really relaxing time for me, a time to switch off, listen to the radio, crack open a beer or glass of wine and mindlessly chop some veg.

With kids now its obviously completely different and pretty much the opposite of relaxing, but it’s still something I love doing with my toddler. My son has his own toy wooden kitchen full of foods so he already knows what each one is and when he cooks with me he gets to see the real thing up close. He can pick it up, smell it, taste it, peel it, whatever he wants. Plus I’m convinced there is a direct correlation with him eating more when he’s been involved with the making of it.

Safety is obviously critical. Instead of hiding everything sharp in the kitchen we put all the non-dangerous stuff (wooden spoons etc) into one drawer and taught him that this was the one drawer he could open. Now he runs around the kitchen merrily banging wooden spoons on pots but knows he can’t go near anything dangerous. We also spent a lot of time teaching Basti about the hob, kettle, boiling water etc and I obviously keep him at a safe distance from the action.

We have a very clear routine. Whenever I’m cooking he’ll run into the kitchen shouting ‘ladder, ladder’, by which he means he wants me to put a stepladder next to me so he can see what I’m doing. I’ll then give him some onions or garlic to ‘peel’ as he watches what I’m doing. I’ll also let him (carefully) lean across to the stove and stir whatever’s cooking. As well as cooking, I’ll also have his music on so it’s always an enjoyable experience. Then he’ll help me carry things over to the table and tell the rest of the house that ‘it’s ready guys’.As he gets older (he’s only two and a half) I can’t wait to involve him more in actually making the food. I do all my food shopping online these days so my son rarely goes to a supermarket (something I should change, but there’s just so little time) so I think cooking together is doubly important. He’s a curious little soul, always picking up onions, garlic, lemons, different veg just to have a sniff or a taste. I love it when I can smell food on him and I very much see cooking with my son as like everything else I try to do with him; something that’s fun but that will also teach him something.

So, I don’t really have any top tips for cooking with kids apart from go slow, involve them as much as possible, keep them safe, give them jobs and incorporate it into your routine. Toddlers want to be around their parents all of the time, including when you’re cooking. Yes it may take longer to cook that dish with your little one throwing onions around the kitchen but I bet they’ll remember it.

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