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Article: 7 Steps to Baby-Led Weaning Picnic Success

7 Steps to Baby-Led Weaning Picnic Success

Summer is the perfect season for outdoor picnics, but it can be a bit tricky when you're weaning your baby. If you're considering baby-led weaning and planning to enjoy the great outdoors, we've compiled some of our top tips to help you make this a great experience for you and your little ones.

7 Steps to Baby-Led Weaning Picnic Success
  1. 1) Lay down a washable picnic blanket: This will make clean-up a lot easier and less stressful. You can also bring along a small hand-held vacuum to quickly clean up any crumbs or food debris.

  1. 2) Let your baby explore: Allow your baby to explore their surroundings before mealtime. This can help them feel more at ease and interested when it's time to eat.
  1. 3) Ensure that your baby can sit up and maintain stability while feeding. When weaning, having a travelling highchair or baby floor seat can be beneficial, especially if you're on a picnic and don't have access to a table. Consider investing in a portable seat like the Bumbo to make feeding time easier.
  1. 4) Offer food directly to your baby's hands: Why not try offering food directly to your baby's hands instead of using plates? It can be a playful and interactive approach to introducing new foods and helps them explore the texture in more detail. Be sure to check out our Feeding Curiosity podcast and Family Hub for ideas on tasty and uncomplicated finger foods that are perfect for picnics.

  2. 5) Choose finger foods that everyone can enjoy: Spare yourself the hassle of making separate meals for your little one by choosing finger foods that everyone in the family can relish. Some options to consider are boiled pasta with homemade broccoli pesto, avocado on lightly toasted bread, mini quiches, cheese sticks, and refreshing watermelon.
  1. 6) Offer a variety of textures and flavours: During the weaning process, it's crucial to introduce your baby to an assortment of textures and flavours. Providing soft, crunchy, sweet, and savoury foods can help expand their palate and foster healthy eating habits.

  2. 7) Be prepared for clean-up: Remember to pack a Bibado Coverall to keep on top of the mess while you're out. The handy integrated pocket means you can fold the mess inside and contain it until you get home and can wipe down properly or pop it in the machine. Dressing little ones in easy-to-change outfits is always a good idea when you're out and about. While the Coverall will keep them completely clean and dry, we can't guarantee they won't get up to mischief and messy as they explore the great outdoors. Additionally, never leave home without a pack of wipes and don't forget to bring some hand sanitiser for yourself to ensure proper hygiene while enjoying the outdoors.

Remember, every baby is different and there's no one-size-fits-all approach to weaning. Always choose what's best for you and your baby, and consult with your GP or visit the NHS website for advice.

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