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Article: Broccoli & Lentil Bites


Broccoli & Lentil Bites

Broccoli & Lentil Bites

Serves 6
Cooks in 55 mins


1 cup broccoli

1 cup potatoes

1 cup lentils

1 cup homemade breadcrumbs

1 cup cheese (vegan cheese works fine)

1 tsp garlic powder


1) Place the broccoli, potatoes & lentils into a pan of water. Bring to the boil & simmer until all the veg has softened.

2) Drain water & leave to cool completely.

3) Once cooled, roughly mash the veg & lentils. Then mix in the cheese, breadcrumbs & garlic powder.

4) Cut the mix into small equal portions. Then using your hands, roll into balls each around the size of a new potato.

5) Place the balls onto a greased baking tray, leaving about a Cm or so between each one. Spray over the top of them with a little oil.

6) Bake in the oven on 170c for around 25-30mins till golden and crispy on top. 

We love to batch cook!

This yummy recipe can be frozen for up to 3 months.

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