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Article: Biba-Hack: Save 3.5 Hours Per Week

Biba-Hack: Save 3.5 Hours Per Week

An extra 3.5 hours in your undoubtedly busy schedule? Sounds too good to be true, we know... but it's all in the Bibado promise!

Biba-Hack: Save 3.5 Hours Per Week

Join the hundreds of thousands of parents on a mission to save time, energy and endless wash loads with Bibado's award-winning Coverall Weaning Bib. Plus, see what you could be doing with all that extra you-time...


How can I save 3.5 hours a week?

You may have heard us talk about our Coverall Weaning Bib's countless developmental benefits, but did you know the original reason for it's invention? 

Like you, we knew their must be a way to allow our little one's the freedom they need to explore new foods without constant post-meal clean-ups, hovering and outfit changes after every meal. 

Thus, the first Long-Sleeve Coverall was born! 

With an easily wipeable material and neck-to-highchair design, parents say it saves them around 30 minutes a day on their usual clean-up routine. 

Shop the Coverall Weaning Bib, alongside the rest of our award-winning weaning essentials. 


What to do in your new-found 'you time':

  • Have approximately 8 extra well-deserved tea breaks!
  • Take a family trip to the park for a picnic ☀️
  • Catch up on at least 4 episodes of your fave 'grown-up' tv series
  • Clean your whole house top to bottom while blasting Cowboy Carter 🎵
  • Scroll endless Tiktok's in bed, guilt-free 
  • Take a long lunch to catch-up with friends 
  • Watch the full-length version of The Titanic, and have time to spare! 
  • Get in an extra round of golf ⛳️
  • Do some crafty activities with your little one - get some inspo here
  • Have a long bath, and end it with a full pamper routine 
  • Cook your favourite meal together for an at-home date night (don't forget dessert!)
  • Take three extra yoga sessions 🧘


Do you already have the Bibado Coverall in your weaning tool-kit? If so, we'd love to hear how you spend your extra 3.5 hours a week! Let us know here ❤️

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